Our Company: We are a Boston based company that specializes in Historic Restoration and Waterproofing of Masonry Structures.  We have been providing property owners, property management companies and Engineers with complete building envelope restoration and waterproofing for over 15 years .  Our services include structural masonry repairs, Re-pointing , stress crack repairs, brick replacement and facade reconstruction, masonry waterproofing and specialized coatings, window sealant replacement and caulking, concrete restoration, brownstone repairs and replacement, basement waterproofing, concrete parking garage repairs and waterproofing coatings.
Our New construction division allows us to fulfill clients needs in performing new brick, CMU,  block, stone and paving projects.  We also provide all types of roof replacement and repairs.
From first contact all our clients receive the very best of attention from the Company owner and our qualified and over experienced supervisors and foremen.  Our company owned fleet of aerial lift equipment and OSHA approved scaffolding systems enables us to give excellent quality workmanship and safety to the difficult multi story buildings that may be more challenging to others.
" Help us help you protect your investment"
6 Norwood Street ,
Boston ,
Ma. 02122
Office : 617 265 6663
Fax : 617 265 6663
Email : seanwhelancs@yahoo.com